Junk Car Removal AJAX

Cash for Junk Car Removal Ajax

Seeing your old car getting rust every day is a very disappointing sight.  If you are looking to get rid of that old and scrap car then look no further than GTA Junk Car Removal! We are Canada’s one of the best cash for scrap car removal companies and we are here to offer you instant cash for your scrap car. We are also known for our free towing pickup and auto disposal service too. Our main aim is to offer you top cash for scrap cars while keeping the environment in mind. We have expanded our wings to offer removal for scrap and junk cars services in the cities such as Ajax, Scarborough, Oshawa, Barrie, Cambridge, Richmond Hill and many more locations around Canada.

We have a staff that is accurately trained to carry or scrap your old car without any hitches and difficulties. Call us at 647-787-7716 to book your cash-for-scraps deals with us today!


Gta Junk Car Removal is the leading provider of JUNK CAR REMOVAL services in Ajax. With 20 years of experience, we recycle all types of scrap cars, including vans, broken cars, damaged cars, and old used cars for cash up to $15000. We offer cash on the spot and our team will guide you through the process with ease. Call us today to find out the value of your JUNK CAR REMOVAL in Ajax.


Looking for the best scrap car removal services in Ajax? Look no further than Gta Junk Car Removal! Our experienced team uses specialized equipment to quickly and easily remove all types of vehicles, from cars of any make or model to SUVs and pickup trucks. We pay cash on the spot for your scrap car and our eco-friendly recycling practices ensure that your car is disposed of properly. Get in touch today to find out how Gta Junk Car Removal can help you get rid of your old car hassle-free!

Amazing Environment-Friendly Scrap Car Removal Process

We are known for our environment-friendly car removal services. GTA Junk Car Removal Company knows about the importance of the environment and we are very responsible while offering you Junk Car Removal Ajax services.  Our Scrap Vehicle Removal Ajax services make the environment safer and healthier by following all the norms and regulations provided by the government.

Below-mentioned are the reasons why you can choose our Cash For Junk Cars Ajax services:

  • Flat Tires Vehicle Disposal
  • Missing Keys Car Disposal
  • Rusted, broken or missing  wheels car disposal
  • Junk car extraction
  • And many more…

Our Offered Services in Ajax

We offer the much-acclaimed Same Day Scrap Car Removal Service Ajax all over Canada! We cover cities such as Brampton, Hamilton, Markham, Aurora, Cambridge, and many other locations to help you get rid of your old car or junk vehicle.

What follows are some of the services offered at our GTA car removal facility:

  • SUV & Sedan disposal
  • Cargo Vans removal
  • Truck & Heavy Vehicles removal
  • Junk Car Shell disposal
  • Scrap Vehicle removal
  • And many more…

Easy GTA Junk Car Removal

We at GTA Junk Car Removal aims to offer you a stress-free experience of getting rid of your old car by offering you a variety of Free Scrap Car Removal Ajax services.

What follows are the steps followed by experts to offer you the best Scrap Car Removal Service Ajax:

Get Prompt Quotes

We will offer you a top dollar quotation for your junk, scrap or old car. For that, you just have to contact us and speak with our attentive representatives who are very knowledgeable about all the aspects of cars. We will offer you market-best prices in exchange for scrapping your vehicle in an eco-friendly manner.

Flexible Timings

Once you are satisfied with our quotes and agreed for our service, we will give you the honors to choose the pick-up time. Our professionals will be well-equipped with all the tools and vehicles to carry your vehicle from the location provided by you.

Obtain Top-Cash

We will stick to our promises and will provide you with the agreed amount of cash on the spot after the removal process. You will not entertain any last moment decrement in the price we offered you after inspection and there will be no hidden charges too.

Why Choose Best Cash Top GTA Junk Car Removal?

We, GTA Junk Car Removal, is one of the most trustworthy companies in Canada that knows and understands the importance of the environment. We offer recycling services that can efficiently deliver maximum customer satisfaction at reasonable prices.

We are known for our services that will benefit you in following ways:

Top Cash Deals

Based on your car’s condition, we will offer you hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars for the junk car you are storing in your garage.

Free Carrying

We offer Free Scrap Car Towing Ajax services in all of the above-mentioned cities to provide you with utmost comfort and relaxation. If your vehicle is outside the existing cities then we will pick your junk car at petty costs.


We adhere to all the safety regulations and norms and our facilities are certified for junk recycling. We have truckers that are insured against accidents. We have made a valid license as a mandatory requirement to get the job of a trucker. Hence, they are more than capable of picking up your scrap vehicle without creating traffic obstacles.

Open All Week

We are here for your service; hence, our Free Scrap Car Towing Ajax services at GTA Junk Car Removal are available all-round the year. Be it weekend, chilly winter, scorching summer or storming rain; our experts will offer you best cash deals for junk cars and scrap car removal. Call us today and obtain the best quotes!

We Take All Vehicles

Whether you have an old, junk, scrap, or rusted car; we will accept all of them! Our experts will inspect your vehicle and offer you the best cost based on the condition. Contact us today to get rid of your junk car and acquire the best Old Car Removal Ajax service at amazing cash offers.

Rapid Service

We are known for our quick and reliable Unwanted Cars Removal Ajax services. Our tow-truckers are available in various locations in Canada to urgently help you with your junk car removal requirements.

Donate Your Old Junk Car, Help Environment

Our free towing service will tow your car for free and sell it to donate the obtained money to local charities. With the help of our “Donate a Car program”, make the environment cleaner and joyful.

Follow below-mentioned steps to join this initiative:

  • All you have to do is to fill a simple Contact Form or Call ‘Michael’ at +1647-787-7716 to begin the process.
  • Our representatives will shortly get in touch with you to know about your car and its conditions to arrange an inspection visit.
  • Our GTA Junk Car Removal representative will meet you at the location within 24 hours to complete the process and to provide you with the relevant documentation.

Contact Us

With the help of GTA Junk Car Removal offers you’ll get the best Cash For Cars deals and will be relieved from any hassle of the car removal process. Furthermore, you will be rewarded for your junk car at the same time. So, contact us today at 647-787-7716 and speak with our representatives about booking a visit to your location in Ajax and all of Canada.