Get Rid of Scrap & Junk Cars in the Barrie Region

A GTA Junk Car Removal in Barrie is a full-service metal scraper for over years. In addition to our yards in the Barrie region, we are leading in the industry of scrap car removal business. With access to some of the world’s largest metal scrap processing facilities, we are offering fast service at great pricing with dependability. We are interested to accept unused or death conditioned cars and are ready to provide the best price for you. We, GTA are committed to keeping your environment safe from sheltering the scraps.

Transporting your scrap car at no additional cost

We use suitable wreckers to transport your car safely from your place to our workshop in the Barrie region. If you need to take your car from a particular location which is far from your living location, you can send the location to us we will take care of it. We will do our best to find out the value amount for scrap car removal in Barrie.

We have the service you need

Instead of selling your car for the high-discounted price, you can get the rewards of the best amount on your hand. We are confident to get rid of your unwanted car as soon as you called or ask a quote from us.


Q1) Did I expect environmentally friendly scrap car removal in Barrie?

A) Yes, we are taking more care to ensure the disposal of your car should be environmentally-friendly. You can find the attention and seriousness of your job to provide quality service for you without affecting your environment.

Q2) Can I get paid for not end-of-life cars?

A) We not only pay for end-of-life cars but we are also ready to pay for the cars which are not end-of-life. Even though it is unusable due to accidents, we are ready to value your car.

Q3) Whom I expected to inspect the unused car from GTA?

A) Our professionals will attend the session of inspection to spot the issues and current stages of the car. We have well-trained technicians to answer your questions against scrap car removal. Our reputation is built from word of mouth, so you can expect a good value for your car from us.